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It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I present the latest issue of the Journal. The articles in this issue showcase the breadth and variety of research conducted in the health sciences by undergraduate students at Georgetown.

Schiavoni & Elmendorf report preliminary data pertaining to the extent of DNA methylation found specifically in evolutionarily-conserved retrotransposon elements. Their data yield inconclusive results regarding whether DNA methylation silences retrotransposon genes GilD, GilT, and GilM in Giarida lamblia. This preliminary investigation is an initial step in a larger project to elucidate the genetic regulation of Giardia, which relates to an endemic disease called giardiasis.

Boaz reports on the management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus and the challenges associated with properly managing the condition. Boaz finds that the current system of payment for the disease does not properly address its root causes, perpetuating an increasingly higher cost of health expenditures in the United States healthcare system. Proper care coordination and education between providers and patients, as well as restructuring of the care delivery, may improve the health status of the population and reduce health expenditures in the long run.

I would also like to thank the Journal’s dedicated staff of reviewers and editors.  Without these essential staff members, whose names are listed below, publication of this undergraduate research would not be possible.

As always, the Journal is open to inquiries about submissions or working on our staff.  If you are interested in submitting research or becoming an on-staff News or Op-Eds writer, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

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Victor Wang, Editor-in-Chief

Editing and Reviewing Staff of May 2014 Issue

Rachel Acree
Nina Eng
Hania Elbanhawi
Kira Lin
Nina Pious (Director of Editing)
Madhav Paul (Assistant Director of Editing)
Hailey Vann
Mansi Vohra
Andy Yee

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